The chase for the trigger

Intolerance Symptoms Intolerance Symptoms

Why intolerance symptoms can occur despite proper nutrition ?

Those suffering from lactose intolerance in particular often experience ongoing abdominal discomfort. There are two common reasons for this. Either they unknowingly consume more lactose than they intended to, or they have an intolerance towards another trigger as well. The former case can either apply because they are not using food lists properly, the lists do not contain all relevant foods, or the lists do not account for interaction effects of the substances and are too vague to be useful. The usual suspects in the latter case are called fructans and galactans. These substances are also responsible for the bloating effect of beans. However, they are contained in many other foods and dairy products as well. The only guidebook containing reliable and comprehensive serving sizes that can be adapted to your intolerance is "The Nutrition Navigator".

How you can find your lateral trigger ?

“The Nutrition Navigator” contains a symptom-based test technique. With it and the list of the most common triggers that is included as well, you have a great tool at hand to overcome your symptoms. Additionally, you’ll find a solution concerning the reduction of stress, as it can also affect your symptoms. As the book has been developed with scientists and patients, it contains reliable and practical advice. You will be equipped with food lists containing more than 1,111 products. These are indexed from A to Z for quick search and are also sorted by categories. This makes it easy to find suitable alternatives.

What you can do to finally overcome your intolerance symptoms ?

Purchase "The Nutrition Navigator". Here you can check both whether you ate too much of a certain ingredient and if there is a lateral trigger causing your symptoms. With the comprehensive food lists, you can then adapt your diet in a professional way. Finally, the book offers many practical hints for your everyday life. Click here to order "The Nutrition Navigator" and get rid of persistent intolerance symptoms.