• Three central answers to irritable bowel syndrome

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

    This is why you should take your well-being into your own hands
    If you have IBS, what you are concerned with is handling issues such as abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, flatulence and/or constipation. The underlying cause is usually an intolerance towards one or more of the following ingredients: fructans and galactans, fructose, and lactose and/or sorbitol. It can also be caused by a malabsorbtion of a certain food. Which of these applies to you is what you need to discover. While there is no guarantee that you will find one or more specific trigger, the chances are high. As soon as you find it, you’ll be able to free yourself from your symptoms. The goal is for you to not get feelings in your stomach anymore unless you’re in love. Our approach is not to make your bowel less sensitive (there is no recipe), but to regulate the consumption of those things that irritate it.

    How you can find your symptom triggers

    Everything you need to know about the test procedures, you will learn in the guidebook "The Nutrition Navigator". This book is based on the latest scientific findings and was developed in collaboration with patients. The book contains various advice on how you can successfully manage your irritable bowel in your everyday life. One topic, for example, is how you can successfully cope with stress and worries in a solution-oriented way. This is important, as less stress leads to better results and more well-being. Moreover, you can learn how you can motivate yourself to go through the testing period and the later adoption of your diet.

    What can you do to get rid of your symptoms, once you know your trigger?

    Once you have defined your trigger, you’ll want to reduce the consumption of the foods containing it to a level that allows you to feel comfortable. "The Nutrition Navigator" provides you with comprehensive food lists. They contain the tolerable portion sizes for more than 1,111 products. These can be individualized based on your degree of stomach sensitivity. As these lists appear not only from A to Z, but also ordered by categories, it is easy for you to quickly find suitable alternatives. Click here to order the book and to take initiative for your relief from irritable bowel complaints.

  • Read what you can do to avoid flatulence

    Avoid Flatulence Avoid Flatulence

    Why you should treat flatulence

    Flatulence is uncomfortable and it looks strange. Some woman suffering from it are even falsely considered pregnant. Moreover, the pressure in the stomach is distracting and sometimes painful. Hence, it’s best to do something about it.

    How you can treat flatulence
    You can treat flatulence by means of a diet in which you prevent those foods that trigger the development of gas in your stomach. This happens if you eat too much of an ingredient that your tummy tolerates poorly. Everyone's stomach efficiency is different. As there are several potential suspects, the first step is finding out which ingredient is responsible in your case. Because when your stomach poorly absorbs one of these suspect ingredients, bacteria have to take on the extra job, leading to the emergence of gas, as they are less efficient at it. Now if this gas cannot escape, your belly swells. If you only eat so much of the trigger ingredient as your stomach can absorb, you avoid the breakdown by bacteria and hence, the flatulence. Once your trigger ingredient has been found, you need a fitting food list to take action. This list should show you how much of what you can tolerate while avoiding your symptoms. The guidebook "The Nutrition Navigator" takes you through all the necessary steps.
    What you can do right now
    If you want to free yourself from flatulence, the best thing you can do is to inform yourself well and then take action. “The Nutrition Navigator” has been created in collaboration with scientists and patients and thus provides you with reliable and practical advice. The book also contains a solution-oriented strategy to coping with stress. Moreover, its comprehensive food lists contain more than 1,111 products and the fitting portion size for all four common trigger ingredients. Click here to purchase “The Nutrition Navigator” now and free yourself from flatulence.
    Flatulence? Here is what you can do to free yourself from it in a natural way.

  • Protection against persistent abdominal discomforts


    Ongoing abdominal discomfort? Act! Ongoing abdominal discomfort? Act!

    Why act in the case of frequent abdominal discomfort?

    Frequent abdominal discomfort indicates that something is wrong. Often, no serious disorder is present, although serious conditions should be tested for. Many sufferers have a food ingredient intolerance. This means that they can only poorly tolerate one or more substances contained in certain foods. Some usual suspects for intolerance are fructose (fruit sugar), fructans and galactans (the ingredients that are responsible for the saying “every bean has its tone”), lactose (milk sugar) or sorbitol (sugar alcohols). If you have an intolerance, you can free yourself from your symptoms by adjusting your diet accordingly. That means that you have to reduce the consumption of those foods that contain too much of the ingredient. Untreated food ingredient intolerances lead to sickness requiring four days off per year on average. Hence, it is necessary to take action.
    How you can determine the trigger of your symptoms
    The trigger can be determined by a battery of tests. First, you should consult a specialist to rule out acute diseases. The next step is to check if you have a food ingredient intolerance. All of these tests are described in a practical way in the guidebook “The Nutrition Navigator”. If you have such an intolerance, your symptoms result from two processes called fermentation and osmosis. Both result from poor absorption by your body. This leads to symptoms like abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and flatulence. If your body is overstrained by a particular ingredient, it is possible to measure this, as a certain kind of gas enters your breath when this happens. Hence, there are two things that can be measured: the amount of a certain kind of gas and your broader symptoms. These are used to determine your trigger. The latter test is employed if it’s not an ingredient, but rather a particular food that is causing your discomfort. “The Nutrition Navigator” offers you a comprehensive procedure as well as a list of the most common trigger foods.
    How you can handle an intolerance
    After learning everything important about the backgrounds and conducting your diagnosis, it is time to do something about it. If a certain type of food is causing your symptoms, this task is rather easy – you avoid it. But even if it is an ingredient, you’ll end up well off, at least nowadays. “The Nutrition Navigator” offers you the most reliable, comprehensive and useful food lists ever. For the first time, the interactions of the substances are taken into consideration, offering you precise information on how much you can eat of different foods/ingredients while avoiding symptoms. What’s more, the portion sizes can be adapted to your individual sensitivity, whereby you can avoid completely unnecessary consumption restrictions. Developed cooperatively with scientists and patients, it contains many useful and grounded hints for your everyday life. Click here to purchase "The Nutrition Navigator" and free yourself from your abdominal symptoms.
    Overcome your abdominal discomforts with an individualized diet. Learn about the backgrounds of your discomforts, the triggers and what you can do to free yourself from their impact.

  • Bloating - the three central answers

    Avoid bloating Avoid bloating

    Why you should act to avoid bloating

    There are social occasions at which everything should run smoothly. In addition to a proposal to your spouse, these include, for example, meetings, interviews and public appearances. In addition, passing your gas is, of course, unpleasant and far from classy, and can, especially if it occurs regularly, indicate an intolerance to a specific food or ingredient. In the case of a severe intolerance, it can even trigger depressive symptoms. Hence, it is worthwhile to know what you can do about it. To say it directly: medications are neither necessary nor advisable, since they sometimes contain the same substances that are causing your discomfort.

    How do you get rid of bloating?

    In one sentence: you can get rid of bloating by limiting the consumption of foods that cause it. It sounds easy, but first, you have to know the foods. Some of these, like beans, you already know. There are more though. It really is about certain food ingredients. Basically, there are four different types of potentially problematic ingredients, and there is a tricky twist to them. Everyone tolerates different amounts of them. That means the same amount of food can cause bloating for some people, but not for others. If you regularly suffer from bloating, this indicates that you are sensitive to one of these ingredients. If you consume it, instead of your body degrading it to gain energy, bacteria degrade these ingredients. The issue with that is that bacteria are less effective, and hence, gas is emerging from the process. Conversely, the less you feed the bacteria, the less you suffer from bloating. Therefore, it is sensible that you determine the amount you can tolerate for each of the ingredients and then find out how much is contained in the foods you eat on a regular basis.

    What you can actually do

    In the new guidebook, "The Nutrition Navigator", you will find a test with which you can determine the ingredient(s) that your body is unable to break down sufficiently. If you suffer from a food/ingredient intolerance, you will learn all you need to know about its background and consequences. In addition, you will find food lists containing the tolerable portion size for 1,111 products. With these, you will be able to correctly adjust your diet either permanently or temporarily before major life events. As the book has been developed with patients and researchers, the information is practical and reliable. Click here to purchase "The Nutrition Navigator" and get rid of your bloating issue.

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