Do you have IBS or a food ingredient intolerance?
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What is a high-quality life?

About is quarter of the US population is suffering from lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, and others. This means about four times as many inhabitants as are living in the ten biggest US-cities. So that is why we want to help. Our aim is to increase the quality of life of those that are affected. You can support us by telling your friends about us, i.e. sharing our homepage in social networks. When thinking about the quality of life, many have materialistic things in mind. But should it really come first? What about love, friendship and first and foremost health? One is only half as good without the other. Now, our focus is on the quality of life associated with health, still, it also affects all other aspects of a good life.

How lactose intolerance and an irritable bowel lower your quality of life?

Most people that are affected are not aware that they suffer from a food related disease. They suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea or flatulence but do not know what causes these symptoms. Even the doctor is often uncertain at first as there are many potential causes. If he is lucky, he has heard of a fructose intolerance for example. However, oftentimes only the specialists knows a sorbitol intolerance, sorbitol intolerance as well and how to diagnose it.

Only the right treatment increases your quality of life

Laxiba helps those that are affected with its guidebook »The IBS Navigator«, »The IBS Navigator«. It takes you from the diagnosis to the treatment. You find in it the answers to the most pressing questions and especially reliable advice concerning your nutrition. Enjoy your life without abdominal pain. Beautiful illustrations, recipes, practical tools including how to deal with stress have you start each day with more enjoyment.