The Laxiba App

When you are out and about or cooking, you always know how much of a food is good for you with the Laxiba App.


  • Fitting to your sensitivity
  • Also for combined ingredient intolerances
  • More than 1.100 foods
  • Quick search by entering the food’s name
  • Finding alternatives by searching by categories
  • Tolerated amounts in gram and a kitchen measure


Fructose intolerance with consideration oft he interaction with glucose and sorbitol
Lactose intolerance with the tolerable amount per 12.000 FCC Lactase capsule
Sorbitol intolerance portion sizes were estimate based all relevant sugar alcohols
Irritable bowel syndrome, including the common triggers fructans and galactans



Plattformen: Android und iOS. How it works is shown in the following illustration.


The Laxiba App: Find out how much of a food is safe having an irritable bowel syndrome or a sensitivity towards lactose, fructose or sorbitol.
  • Laxiba App Subscription: $4.99/month or $44.00/year. Testing the app: