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A sorbitol intolerance is associated with abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea after consuming foods containing any sugar alcohol. To protect you from these symptoms, you need to avoid foods containing sorbitol. As the author himself suffers from the disease, he soon learned that you have to know all foods that are concerned. Hence, he decided to act and by using the data from the University of Minnesota determined the sorbitol amount contained for many vegetables, drinks, and branded products as well.

The advantages of The Sorbitol Navigator

Our diet list makes cooking and shopping easy: You get both, the tolerable weight as well as the amounts in cups and other fitting measures, enabling you to reduce your consumption of sorbitol-containing foods if your sensitivity is moderate


Reliable: For the first time all nine sugar alcohols that cause symptoms in case of sorbitol intolerance are considered to protect you safely from symptoms


Comprehensive: Our tables contain more than 1,000 foods


Eating out?: With our cheatnavi, you have all nine sugar alcohol names always at hand


Searching for alternatives?: Categories order our lists and make this easy for you. Also, you find a keyword index from A to Z at the end of the book


Medicine and mouthwashes: We show you which products are free from sorbitol


Delicious: Recipes, as well as various hints, make your everyday life better


Accessible: Illustrations and numerous examples show you what happens inside your bowel in case of a sorbitol intolerance and what you can do about it


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Protection from abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence

If you suffer from a sorbitol intolerance, there is only one way to increase your quality of life, and that is to avoid sorbitol-containing foods. However, this will only help you if you know all of them. Therefore, it is important to estimate all nine sugar alcohols during the setup of your diet plan—which is not the case in other publications on the topic!


The standard for sorbitol intolerance

The Sorbitol Navigator is based on scientific research and still easy to understand. You find answers to the most important questions concerning the topic. Moreover, you profit from the advice of experts and other patients like you. The author himself suffers from a sorbitol intolerance and has done intensive research on the topic since 2007. In 2015, he won the competition »«.


Laxiba App: The ideal tool for eating out

First, select your subscription. When entering your sensitivity profile, choose 'yes' for sorbitol. Now, you will see, which foods are save.

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