Lactose inside a sausage – did the butcher spill his milk?

Lactose Hideouts Lactose Hideouts

Why lactose hideouts disturb many

In order to free yourself from your lactose intolerance symptoms, you have to know which products contain lactose in the first place. Your doctor has likely advised you that lactose is contained in dairy products. You know and recognize dairy products – butter, cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream and quark. However, at some point you are stricken with surprise. Why is there lactose contained in sausage, for example? As soon as this question pops up, there are several that follow it: Does it contain enough lactose to harm me? Do I have to search for lactose-free sausage as well? What about meat in general? How many capsules should I take in per slice?

How much trouble does lactose inside a sausage cause?

Well first of all, a positive message: Lactose is not contained in meat by nature. It has been added to the sausage. Now you might be thinking, what kind of awful person would do that? Well, the reasoning behind it is that lactose inside a sausage improves its consistency. What you should learn from your uncertainty is that it pays off to be better informed. This is necessary in order to be able to neither restrict yourself unnecessarily nor suffer from ongoing symptoms.

What you can do to avoid symptoms, despite lactose hideouts

Handling a car without learning how to drive first is dangerous. After learning it, however, it becomes easy. The same applies to lactose intolerance. Here, it especially pays off to invest in solid advice, as it usually accompanies you for the long term. You want to use a reliable technique to overcome your symtoms. The world's most-often translated guidebook on this topic, "The Nutrition Navigator", was designed to help you. People with lactose intolerance and scientists were involved in the creation of the book. You will learn everything you need to know about the intolerance and find the perfect portion sizes for 1,111 products. Click here to order the book and learn about the tolerable amounts of sausage with lactose as well as many other products, plus discover how many lactase capsules you need.
Lactose hideouts unsettle many sufferers. Find out how the lactose enters the sausage and why a high-quality advice pays-off.