Do you have an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), regular abdominal pain, flatulence or diarrhea?

If you suffer from abdominal discomforts like pain, diarrhea, and flatulence without knowing the trigger of your symptoms, eating is like walking through a minefield blindfolded. Of course, some ingredient in foods it the trigger. Still, only if you know which one it is, you can calm your digestion. The IBS Navigator takes you from the diagnosis to the treatment. The diet plan protects you from symptoms and enables you as much freedom as possible because, with it, you can focus on your trigger only—as the first one on the US market. Moreover, you also find proven strategies to reduce stress, which intensifies your symptoms.

With The IBS Navigator, you

Will find your trigger(s): The possible causes are presented as well as the way to determine yours and adapt your diet

Can cook and shop without fear of symptoms: Clear quantities in gram and a suitable kitchen unit

Get answers and solutions: Does my disease lead to cancer? How long am I affected? What can I do to release my discomforts? How much can I eat of what? Our books result from the cooperation of experts and patients and show you exactly how much you can eat for more than 1,000 foods, including many brands, fast food chains and foods for athletes.

Receive the most reliable data and foster your freedom: We are the first to offer you the diet-food-list and guidelines for all four major IBS-triggers considering all interaction effects and enabling you to focus precisely on your trigger to avoid unnecessary restrictions.

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How The IBS Navigator helps you:

Illustrations make it easy for you to understand what happens in your bowel. You find out about the common triggers of IBS-symptoms, how to treat them and what the consequences of your disease are. Moreover, there is plenty of advice from other patients and experts of how to cope with it in your everyday life. Also, you learn how to reduce your stress level as stress makes symptoms worse. Buy The IBS Navigator and recapture vast areas of your quality of life!

The Laxiba App: Avoid foods that irritate your bowel while you are on the go

Choose a subscription and select 'Yes' for IBS or the specific ingredients you are sensitive towards when entering your profile. You can also define how sensitive you are. Next, use the category or text search to find out how much you can stomach of a food per meal if you avoid all others that affect restricted.

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    The IBS Navigator
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