What is a Fructose Intolerance?

Fructose Intolerance | Laxiba


Fructose is contained in most foods that are sweet by nature. As we eat fruits since the dawn of humankind, they and the vitamins they provide have become an important aspect of our nutrition. However, for some of us, the sweetness is a problem. They suffer from a fructose intolerance. That means that the consumption of fructose containing foods has a similar effect as eating foul food. Those that are affected then suffer from abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence, which can be summed up as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. Nevertheless, if they adapt their diet to their fructose sensitivity, they are feeling well. A fitting diet plan is, therefore, necessary, which also holds for the related lactose intolerance, sensitivity towards milk as you may know. What makes a fructose intolerance more of a challenge is that there is an interaction with sugar alcohols that has one has to account for, to achieve a reliable release. Laxiba provides you with the adjusted data. Moreover, sometimes people have a combination of a sorbitol intolerance and one against fructose. Sorbitol is one of the sugar alcohols and in our IBS Navigator we enable you to account for both at the same time.


What indicates a fructose intolerance?

Before suspecting fructose, many patients have agonized whether they should visit a doctor to discuss their symptoms. Afterward, more time passes until a specialist takes on the matter and performs a test for fructose intolerance. For it, you drink a high amount of fructose. Some time later similar to a breath test for alcohol you blow into a pipe and if you have a fructose intolerance your breath will reveal it.


This is how much you can stomach of fructose-containing foods, despite a fructose intolerance

You have a fructose intolerance. Now you learn that aside from fruits you also have to be careful with juices and many soft drinks—these are the primary sources of fructose in the United States. Moreover, fructose is also an ingredient in many processed foods. This is either the case because fruits are a part of the product or the taste is enhanced by fructose. The latter also applies to cereals with HFCS—High Fructose Corn Syrup. »The Fructose Navigator« of Laxiba enables you to regain vast areas of the quality of life you lost due to your fructose sensitivity. There is a bright side as well that the title opens up for you. When you eat foods that contain glucose at the same time that you eat a fructose-containing food the amount of fructose that you can stomach increases. The effect is similar to a wild man going out with a shy woman he loves—suddenly he becomes gentle. Thus, using smart recipes you can increase the variety of foods you can eat.