Determination of a Sorbitol Intolerance

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As it holds for lactose and fructose intolerance, many people do not know that they suffer from a sorbitol intolerance. One reason for that is that the symptoms are similar to those of a normal gastrointestinal disease.

Symptoms of a sorbitol intolerance are bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Certainly, there are many potential causes for these. Only after visiting a specialist, you will receive a proper diagnosis – after doing several tests for potential triggers. Of course, the symptoms only occur in connection with the consumption of sorbitol-containing foods. Without preparation a self-test where you consume a high amount of sorbitol is of little value. The reason is that you might easily have consumed something of a different trigger and thus the result is unclear – it seems like the stork is bringing the children. In case your doctor does not offer you a breath test for sorbitol, the nutrition navigator shows you how a self-test is done right.


Sorbitol intolerance – What is sorbitol?

Sorbitol tastes sweet and is still ignored by cavity bacteria. Hence, sorbitol is contained in many foods that are sugar-free. Another advantage is that your blood sugar level increases slower than with normal sugar. This is also the reason why it is often used for diabetes products. However, if your body disregards sorbitol, which happens if you have a sorbitol intolerance, your stomach gets into trouble. It is kind of a severe punishment for not „eating up“. Yet, as you cannot willingly influence the sorbitol assimilation of your body, the only help is to reduce your sorbitol consumption.


Effective aid for sorbitol intolerance is offered by the »Nutrition Navigator«

Laxiba wants to make it as easy as possible for you to cook and eat in a way that lowers your symptoms. We want to raise the quality of life for anyone with IBS-related symptoms. »The Nutrition Navigator« supports you in all areas of your everyday food consumption. In previous nutrition guides concerning sorbitol, only a fraction of the relevant triggers has been considered. In the food tables, which contain more than 1200 products you find many brands and even fast food chains. Aside from fruits also some vegetables contain sorbitol and only if you also know these, are you able to reliably lower your symptoms. As the book shows you easily which products contain lots of sorbitol and are to be avoided, it increases your well-being.


Practical tools for people suffering from sorbitol intolerance for your everyday life

The ideas of patients and specialists are included in the book. You also find medicine and sorbitol free mouse rinse. Furthermore, recipes and a cheat-navi with the most important sorbitol-declarations are included. As the society is primarily concerned with IBS in general as well as lactose intolerance, you only find incomplete lists concerning sorbitol. Therefore, Laxiba has explicitly dealt with this intolerance in order to enable you a safe and still yummy nutrition without sorbitol.