The Lactose Intolerance

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Lactose intolerance is a mysterious disease. You may have seen “lactose free” labels in your grocery store. It is a topic that according to statistics affects someone in your circle of friends. Still, it is a topic few people talk about. Why? It is associated with various symptoms that are often subsumized as an irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). People that are lactose intolerant have a sensitivity towards milk sugar. Just like the fruit sugar, fructose, it can cause irritations, if the body does not assimilate it well.


What causes a lactose intolerance

The sensitivity only shows after an age of five years. The reason for this ist hat all babies need and profit from lactose. Afterward, we do not need it, at least if we live in a sunny State—in less sunny regions, it is advantageous to keep consuming milk because it provides you with vitamin D; to generate it the body needs sunlight. Those people, whose bodies are not expecting to start drinking milk again tolerate only little amounts of it. If they consume too much of dairy products, they cause abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea.


How you can protect yourself from lactose intolerance symptoms

The tolerated amount of dairy products is different for each human. As with spices, where some feel like their tongue is burning, others just start tasting it. Even in the case of lactose intolerance you can eat small quantities without consequences. Aside from that, there are lactase capsules that enhance your tolerance. By how much and how much you can still eat of lactose-containing foods is what »The Lactose Navigator« brings home to you. And before you feel sorry about consumption limitations, others are worse off. Those facing a sorbitol intolerance, for example, have to learn the names of nine sugar alcohols to protect themselves from discomforts and have to restrict themselves on many soft drinks like apple juices and beer.


Sausages, medicine, and eating out in case of lactose intolerance

If you have a lactose intolerance, you have probably asked yourself, whether you can stomach lactose containing sausage. Aside from that, you certainly want to know which medicine is free from lactose and whether you can stomach those that do contain it? »The Lactose Navigator« provides you the answer for that. The input of many patients from around the globe has led to numerous hints on how to cope best with the disease and increase your quality of life.