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Sorbitol Intolerance Sorbitol Intolerance

Why you should care about sorbitol intolerance

Maybe you are already familiar with the term ingredient intolerance. This is the most common cause for IBS symptoms. What it means is that the stomach is unable to make use of certain ingredients that are contained in some foods. This, in effect, leads to abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and/or flatulence. In cases of sorbitol intolerance, this is especially tricky, as rather small amounts of it are enough to trigger these unpleasant symptoms. Although it is the second most common intolerance type, most people have never heard of this sugar alcohol. As you want to free yourself from your symptoms, you should adapt to this intolerance if you find out that you have it.

How you can manage your sorbitol intolerance

The way to do it is to manage your consumption of sorbitol-containing products. For this, you need comprehensive food lists that are based on the latest scientific research. For a long time, it was widely unknown, for example, that certain vegetables contain sorbitol as well. If you do not know this, it is likely that you suffer from ongoing symptoms despite your diet change. Furthermore, it was neglected that in addition to sorbitol, eight other sugar alcohols exist that have the same effect. If you have the right food list, you can then replace foods containing sorbitol with those that do not. To make that easy for you, the best guidebook on the topic “The Nutrition Navigator” not only provides you the 1,111 products it contains in alphabetical order, but also ordered by fitting categories.

What you can do now

Purchase “The Nutrition Navigator”, check what kind of intolerance you have, and then adapt your nutrition accordingly. This is the most reliable way to free you from your symptoms. The guidebook also contains savvy advice and tools for your everyday life, such as a flyer for your purse with the most important information. The only guide that provides comprehensive advice on the subject is Sorbitintoleranz’s "The Nutrition Navigator". Discover compatible servings for 1,111 foods, such as cereals, meals, beverages, branded goods, fast food, fruits and vegetables. It is very worthwhile for you to read the book. In some products that seem to be containing sorbitol there actually is contained none. Others, such as some vegetables that were sorbitol free, in reality contain sugar alcohols. This knowledge is necessary, because proper nutrition allows healing of the symptoms. The book was developed in collaboration with scientists and patients. Therefore, you will find in it many practical tools. These include a flyer with the E-numbers for your wallet. In addition, the book also leads you to sorbitol free medications and oral hygiene products. Click here to purchase "The Nutrition Navigator" and manage your well-being

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